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Reduces Vandalism
Fire Hose Reel Cabinet
Fire Hose reel cabinet
Suits standard wall mounted Fire Hose reel - BFI and Apex fire hose reels

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Fire Hose Reel stainless steel Stainless steel fire hose reels for marine applications, food preparation rooms, industrial kitchens, and any wet areas. 36 mtr hose, Stainless steel waterway, stainless steel bolts, heavy duty connection block, quick bracket installation. Size 48cm x 30cm

Read more about Fire Safety Compliance, testing, maintenance, and Annual Fire Safety Statements.
General Information about using Fire Hose Reels
by John Carmichael

A fire hose reel is a first attack piece of fire-fighting equipment. It is designed to be used as a quick-response method by any member of the general public for fighting fires in their early stages. Hose Reels are suitable for Class A fires viz: Paper, Textiles, Wood, Most Plastics and Rubber.

Do NOT use on electrical fires. Remember water conducts electricity, so using a fire hose reel on it could lead to electrocution!

Fire Hose Reels are easy to use, provide a virtually unlimited supply of water, as they are connected to the mains water supply, and should extend for approximately 35 metres.

Fire Hose reels consist of a length of non-kinking tubing. They are permanently connected to a water supply and consist of a main turn on/off valve, a hose guide, and a hose with a nozzle. The control nozzle attached to the end of the hose enables the operator to control the direction and flow of water to the fire.

Clearance Around Fire Hose Reels
The Australian Standard AS2441 does not actually specify a distance around fire hose reels that should be kept clear. A lot of industry professionals will tell you to keep everything 1 mtr away from the fire hose reel. This is a good rule of thumb, but the AS2441 actually says "Access to fire hose reels shall not be obstructed, e.g., from items such as furniture." So how close can you put something to a fire hose reel? The simply test is - not so close that it obstructs its use. Remember the hose needs to be able to be pulled out and dragged to a fire without being obstructed. You also need to ensure that you are able to see the fire hose reel location sign.

Fire Safety checkup

Australian Standards for Fire Hose Reels
There are three standards relevant:
For manufacture and assembly, our Fire Hose Reels comply to Australian Standard AS/NZS1221.
The standard specifies that with a fully extended length of 36 metres, the 19mm Fire Hoses must be able to deliver a minimum of 0.45 litres of water per second, at 220kPa. To pass the Australian Standard all the individual items and the whole completed assembly must undergo rigorous testing. For this reason you must use AS 1221 approved fire hose reel spare parts when repairing or replacing parts.
AS2441 is used to ensure compliance for the Installation and location of fire hose reels and signs.
Fire hose reels must be maintained in accordance with AS1851. This standard also requires that fire hose reels must be inspected every 6 months, and reported anually in the Annual fire safety statement. Fire hose reels, like fire extinguishers should carry a maintenance record tag to show when they were last inspected. You should not use fire hose reels for washdown purposes, they are designed for use on a fire, not regular use. We have a big range of washdown hose reels and mobile hose reels available.

Use the following in your Fire Safety Procedures Manual
Fire Hose Reels: All occupants should know the position and method of operation of any installed fire hose reels.
If the decision is made to use a fire hose reel:

  • Warn everybody in the immediate vicinity.
  • Operate any device that will activate the building emergency warning system.
  • Alert the Fire Brigade by phoning 000
  • Call the designated Fire Warden
  • Do NOT use on electrical fires, water will conduct electricity.
  • Whenever possible, two people should be used to unroll a hose reel, that is, one to control the nozzle and one to ensure the hose runs off the reel freely and is not caught around doors or corners.
  • Before using the fire hose reel, ensure that the water is TURNED ON before proceeding to the fire. There is a stopcock lever at the base of the hose reel (some will not let the nozzle out until this is done)
  • Check the water is capable of being turned on and off at the nozzle. Ensure the nozzle or jet is in the closed position
  • Pull on the hose, the reel should unwind as it feeds out the hose
  • Direct the stream of water at the base of the fire.

Immediately it becomes obvious that there are unnecessary risks associated with attempts to control a fire, occupants should withdraw, closing fire doors behind them.

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Continuous Flow Hose Reel
Washdown Hose Reel
30 mtr A-frame Continuous Flow Hose Reel with 38mm hose These flow hose reels can be mounted on a truck...

Fire Hose Reel Spares
Fire Hose Reel Spare parts
We carry a big range of fire hose reel spares including nozzles, guide arm, fire hose, lever valve, hose stands and wall brackets.